Dennis Pitocco, Chief Executive Officer

Dennis has more than 30 years' experience in international financial services, having held executive positions at a number of consumer credit & mortgage banking businesses in the US, UK and Canada. After two decades in retail banking at some of the largest financial institutions in the US, Dennis became president at IMCC International Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of IMC Mortgage Company, where he directed the launch and development of Preferred Mortgages Ltd (UK) and IMC Mortgage Company (Canada). With the backing of Barclays Private Equity in 2001, Dennis led the management buy-out of Preferred Mortgages, relocating to the UK to become Chief Executive & Managing Director. Preferred Mortgages was subsequently sold to a large international investment banking firm in December 2003.

From 2004 until present, Dennis has served as Chairman & CEO of Conquest Holdings LLC, a privately-held International financial services consulting firm. In this capacity, he has been engaged by various multi-national businesses to facilitate cross-border launch or enhancement of global residential mortgage platforms, with a focus on both Eastern and Western Europe. Dennis has also provided advisory services to Consensus Business Group (UK) and currently serves as Non-Executive Director of a major UK-based consumer finance business.


Dennis Pitocco